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    Halo and Spark themes together.


      Is it possible in an application using Halo theme and Spark theme at the same time?

      I mean, compile using both themes.


      Cause I am using a library that was written using HALO, so it only works fine if I use Halo theme too.

      However all my application is already written  using Spark Theme.

      And I need to use this library in my current project,

      I don't know what to do!



      Any sugestion??

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          You can stack and overlap themes using the -theme+=myThem.swc compiler arg but, I don't know if halo and spark are compatible doing this (I havn't ried it). The last defined theme will override any styles declared in the theme defined before.


          Since those themes are Adobe, the compiler is checking requirements and you might get compiler errors.