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    simple 'hollow' lines.




      I need to create a flow diagram with hollow lines, like pipes, in 2d like this: pipes example.jpg


      is there an easy way to do this?


      Many thanks,



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          Junk Mailer Level 3

          Use a double stroke where one stroke is slightly wider than the one 

          above it in the stacking order.


          Go to the Appearance panel and click the options flyout in the upper 

          right corner. Select "Add New Stroke". Repeat again (if you don't 

          already see two strokes) so you now have 2 strokes in the Appearance 

          panel. Select the bottom-most stroke and choose black as your stroke 

          color, then adjust the stroke weight from the Stroke panel so that it 

          is slightly wider than the one above it. Now select the top-most 

          stroke from within the Appearance panel and select the appropriate 

          color to represent water, steam, gases, etc.


          Make sure and drag the result into your Graphic Styles panel for easy 

          access later as you draw.



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