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    Question about Model Driven over RTMPS configuration


      I am testing model driven development features these days and encountered a problem:


      When I used RTMP channel to retrieve data from the server, everything works fine, however when I tried to use RTMPS channel, I got following error:


      Could not initialize DataService.
      Missing or invalid configuration for destinations: ["CodeModel.Code"]


      the CodeModel is the model I created by using the modler under Flash Builder4, and it simply include one table called Code. I can retrieve data, update and delete data with this model over RTMP channel, but not over RTMPS channel.


      I set up my RTMPS channel by creating a self-signed certificate and installed it in the trusted area of the browser, then I referenced the keystore file in the service-config.xml, here is the snap of my configuration:


      <channel-definition id="my-rtmps" class="mx.messaging.channels.SecureRTMPChannel">
              <endpoint url="rtmps://{server.name}:2099"


      following is the server side log when I tried to retrieve data from server over RTMPS channel:


      [LCDS]Deserializing AMF/RTMP request
      Version: 0  "connect"

        (Command method=connect (2) trxId=1.0)
          (Object #0)
            app = ""
            flashVer = "WIN 10,0,45,2"
            swfUrl = "http://localhost:8080/lcds/CodeDemo-debug/CodeDemo.swf"
            tcUrl = "rtmps://localhost:2099"
            fpad = false
            capabilities = 15.0
            audioCodecs = 3191.0
            videoCodecs = 252.0
            videoFunction = 1.0
            pageUrl = "http://localhost:8080/lcds/CodeDemo-debug/CodeDemo.html"
            objectEncoding = 3.0
          (Typed Object #1 'flex.messaging.messages.CommandMessage')
            operation = 5.0
            correlationId = ""
            clientId = null
            body = (Object #2)
            headers = (Object #3)
              DSMessagingVersion = 1.0
              DSNeedsConfig = true
              DSId = "my-rtmps"
            messageId = "12B87B6D-9372-71E2-3D63-8C680CBEA8EE"
            timestamp = 0.0
            timeToLive = 0.0
            destination = ""

      [LCDS]Received command: TCCommand [ Cmd: 2, MethodName: connect, TrxID: 1.0]
      [LCDS]FlexSession created with id 'FECA09F0-F71A-F8ED-9E68-30B9D6609791' for a direct RTMP connection. Id value was server generated.
      [LCDS]Returning service description for endpoint: my-rtmps config: {default-channels={channel={ref=my-rtmp}}, channels={channel=[{id=my-rtmps, type=mx.messaging.channels.SecureRTMPChannel, endpoint={uri=rtmps://{server.name}:2099}, properties={serialization={enable-small-messages=true}}}, {id=my-rtmp, type=mx.messaging.channels.RTMPChannel, endpoint={uri=rtmp://{server.name}:2039}, properties={serialization={enable-small-messages=true}}}]}}
      [LCDS]Serializing AMF/RTMP response
      Version: 0
        (Command method=_result (0) trxId=1)
          (Object #0)
            id = "FECA09F0-F729-8037-075D-EDD727DDE50E"
            objectEncoding = 3.0
            level = "status"
            serverConfig = (Typed Object #1 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
              default-channels = (Typed Object #2 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                channel = (Typed Object #3 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                  ref = "my-rtmp"
              channels = (Typed Object #4 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                channel = (Typed Object #5 'flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection')
                  source = (Array #6)
                    [0] = (Typed Object #7 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                      id = "my-rtmps"
                      type = "mx.messaging.channels.SecureRTMPChannel"
                      endpoint = (Typed Object #8 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                        uri = "rtmps://{server.name}:2099"
                      properties = (Typed Object #9 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                        serialization = (Typed Object #10 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                          enable-small-messages = "true"
                    [1] = (Typed Object #11 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                      id = "my-rtmp"
                      type = "mx.messaging.channels.RTMPChannel"
                      endpoint = (Typed Object #12 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                        uri = "rtmp://{server.name}:2039"
                      properties = (Typed Object #13 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                        serialization = (Typed Object #14 'flex.messaging.config.ConfigMap')
                          enable-small-messages = "true"
            details = null
            description = "Connection succeeded."
            DSMessagingVersion = 1.0
            code = "NetConnection.Connect.Success"
            DSrtmpId = "FECA09F0-F71A-F8ED-9E68-30B9D6609791"

      [LCDS]Thread[my-rtmps-SocketServer-WorkerThread-2,5,main] registering write interest for Connection '26991461'.


      The server side log did not show any exceptions, I am wondering is there any other settings that I need to pre-config in order to make my app run over the RTMPS channel?


      Any help will be appreciated!

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          mayaning Level 1

          The problem is solved. The error message is due to the default channel was set to RTMP in my data-management-config.xml file. That's why modifing the application level default channel does not work. After I changed it to RTMPS, it worked.


          One more thing to make sure though, if I want to use both of the RTMP channel and RTMPS channel in my app (not for fail over) , I have to create at least two models right? Also do I need to change the default channel in data-management-config.xml if the model I am about to deploy expects different channel than previous models?