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    HTTPService of e4x sending data from an XMLListCollection?

    mumcs01 Level 1

      I'm converting an applicaton to use e4x httpservice calls to get and send variables to a PHP remote service and seems to have run into a few questions I can't find any forums posts or documentation about. Currently the application uses the object model to get data and sends and receives variables

      from the PHP scripts through a bunch of $_POST variables. When pulling stuff into the application it gets stored in an array collection so I can sort it and search it easily using cursors. Here are my questions:


      Getting stuff from an HTTPservice with a type of e4x is easy. works great. I toss it right into an XMLarraycollection and get my sorting. But sending data to the same service setup as a type of 'e4x' I can't figure out. Using the object model I could just send an object of keys and properties so sending a { key : value }, would go to the PHP file as a $_POST['key'] and I could read the value. Since httpservice of e4x enforces the need for a root XML tag, all I seem to get is a $_POST['root'], and none of the real key:value data I need. I'm clearing missing something. So how on the PHP side do I get my values if I have to send this root tag? Or in flex how to I send XMLlists instead of XML.? This has to be possible. I don't want to use a different service just to send.


      Second, and a minor thing. When I do send variables to  and httpservice of e4x from an XML arraycollection, do I just send it in key:value format, or do I need to toString() it? When it gets to the php script after the post would the variable name and value be $_POST['key']=value or $_POST[<key>']=<value>.


      Thanks in advance!