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    Possible to randomize header graphic per page?


      Hello all,

      I work at a product design consultancy and am seeking to create a standard (-ish) InDesign template for use in all of our presentations.  I have created several header images, and would like to set up a system (using a master page) in which a random header image is used upon creation of a new page in a document.  In other words, if my Adobe-challenged mechanical engineer is creating a new page in a presentation, I want InDesign to choose a random image from some directory and use it as the new page's header image.


      Is this possible?  I know it's a very basic script in web coding, but I don't know a single thing about InDesign scripting.


      Note: I would also be satisfied if, when the user creates a new page, no header image is generated; instead, a script is run after finishing the presentation, inserting random header graphics on each page retroactively.  I would then save/pack the presentation.


      Thanks in advance,

      Matthew Spencer