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    SWF's not deploying to Web on project publish.


      Have switched from Beta FC to non-Beta FC. Old Beta projects have been updated correctly. They can be have editing, and run project applied to them. Everything is fine during run project. All animations are intact and viewed as intended. Video, fonts, PNG's, JPG's and SWF embeds are good to go. However, the error is when the FC project is published.


      When the FC project is published none of the SWF's embeded can be viewed. As a test I copied an updated Beta to FC live version file. Deleted all images. Then added one SWF and hit publish to SWF.This test resulted in the FC progress bar flashing on the screen, for just an instant, and if you look quickly, you'll see it ends halfway on load. End result. Load failure.


      Thanks in advance for your help.



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          Gabiango Level 1

          Are you doing this?


          - Once you have your project finished select File/Publish to SWF/AIR.

          - Select the folder you want to store files that Catalyst generate

          - Copy ALL the content of the folder deploy-to-web into your web folder.



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            Finook Level 1



            Yes is the answer. I am an experienced publisher using Beta FC. Thanks for trying. I've actually created an entire Website, with all the SWF's in question, using the Beta. What I have done is update Beta to live FC and am attempting to update the SWF files, which worked in Beta, and are not visible upon publish project to Web. I have used relative and absolute paths to the "main.swf" file produced by FC.


            Thank you very much for trying to help. Something is amiss at the publishing phase.




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              Tara Jane Feener Level 3

              Hey Jim,

              Have you tried creating a brand new project, importing the swf file in question, and publishing/deploying the project?

              I'm curious if this happens with a fresh project, or if it happens only after updating an old beta project.

              Are the swfs you're having problems with the *exact* same swf files you used in your beta project which worked correctly?

              If not, how were they created?



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                Finook Level 1

                Hi T,


                I've found the solution. It appears that in the new live FC, after you import a SWF, you have to convert it to a "generic/custom component." Do that and the SWF file will play on a live Website. Just remember to re-uplaod, to your server, ALL files FC creates.


                And yes, the SWF files in question were the exact same SWF files used in the Beta. I did not change names, directory locations, etc. I just opened the SWF, in this case a slide show created in SlideShow Pro, and updated a few player colors. Then re-published the file in Flash CS4. Just as I always do.


                In the end I feel others will experience this problem. The solution is to convert your imported SWF into a "generic/cusom component." It does appear the Web page, with the FC main.swf in it,  takes a tad longer to load. Just just be the server at work. It is lunch time.



                Cheers and all the best,



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                  Finook Level 1



                  When updating a Beta FC project and re-publishing the update as a live FC projec I've found I had to completely remove all the Beata files on my server. If I didn't the new live FC files never took hold on the server. In short new FC files were never seen on the web until the old Beta files were deleted.



                  1. Convert SWF files to "generic components."
                  2. Delete Beta FC files on your server.
                  3. Update your server with the new live FC files. The ones that are in the folder "Deploy to web."



                  Hope this helps,



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                    Jim, I'm trying to figure out a problem with video... could you please explain what you mean when you say you have to "delete all beta files"?