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    Still do not understand about indent buttons

    John D 67995437 Level 1

      OK, Peter, I am posting this here even though this confession of ignorance is somewhat embarrassing.


      You said in a previous thread that the level of indent buttons are simply applied on top of the style definition, which I sort of believe except that:


      All of my previous numbered and bulleted styles have large negative indent values like -24 pt and -42 pt and so on. And yet, all the paragraphs lined up nicely in the help with my body paragraphs and other non-list paragraphs.


      Somehow, these list styles seem to have always been applied along with levels of indent that made the negative paragraph indent values work out correctly. This is what made me think that there is some connection between the level of indent that is selected when a style is applied, otherwise why would the bulleted style always, when I started to write a new topic, have a level of indent applied that would make its negative paragraph indent value turn into a positive distance on the page?


      So what I am wondering now is, now that I am going to redefine all my bullet bullet indent and so forth paragraph styles, how do I make sure, during that redefinition, that the level of indent for each new style is 0 or far left or whatever you call "no indent" on the level of indent button? How do I make sure that now when I apply the new bullet paragraph style, it comes along with a level of indent that doesn't throw the paragraph too far to the right? Asked another way, how do you set a level of indent for a style, or if you can't set one for a style, how do you insure that the level of indent is always set to 0 for all the styles in a topic?