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    HTTPService and requestTimeout connection issue.

      I could really use some help with using the requestTimeout with HTTPService. I have successfully coded the timeout to 10 seconds and tested it with a long running http request. After 10 seconds the fault listener does execute properly. The trouble I have been observing is extreme delays when other HTTPServices starting and completing. There were major delays with them finishing their http request. At this point I fired up the fiddler web debugger. It appears that the http request does not disconnect after the timeout logic is called in actionscript. I have also tried the HTTPServices disconnect method in the fault listener. Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance.


      Here is my test  code:


      private var httpService:HTTPService = null;


      private function  TestTimeOut():void
      httpService = new HTTPService();
      httpService.url = "http://someurl";
      httpService.method = "post";
      httpService.resultFormat = "e4x";
      httpService.requestTimeout = 10;
      httpService.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, onFaultHttpService);
      httpService.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT,  onResultHttpService);


      protected function onResultHttpService(e:ResultEvent):void


      protected function onFaultHttpService(e:FaultEvent):void