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    Question Pool

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      Hi there,


      I've just discovered the Question Pool feature in Captivate. This is a great feature, especially as we've had cheating issues with certification tests. As I'm going to roll out training to about 1500 using this, I want to be sure I understand it first. I've read through all of the posts and learned a lot of valuable information.


      1. If there are 10 questions in the pool and only 8 are used, none of the questions will be used more than once? Likewise if there are 10 questions int he pool, and we use 15 in the class (some for review), what will happen? Will any questions be repeated 3 times? Does this make sense?

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          Hi there


          In my experience it works like this. Say you have five questions in a pool. To randomize, you insert five random question slides and point each one to the pool. If you insert a sixth random question slide it will allow you to point at the pool, but Captivate will balk when you attempt to generate and tell you that you have more random questions than you have available questions in the pool.


          When the end user encounters the first random question, it is randomly presented from the pool of available questions. The second is pulled from the remaining 4 and so on. At no point should the user ever see the same question twice. (Unless, of course, you created two identical pool questions)


          Hopefully this provides the answer you were looking for.


          Cheers... Rick



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            Thank you once again Rick! I always appreciate your help.