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    Problems with margins when publishing to a site




      I have been working on a company manual for our customers using RoboHelp. Everything has been created and has gone smoothly with one small exception. What we have is a website created from RoboHelp and we have links elsewhere to specific HTML pages from this site. The pages appear fine without setting margins on the site however when the file itself is accessed through a link there are no margins. When margins are set on the HTML to lets say 1 inch and you access the file through a link the page appears perfect and just the way I want it however when you access that same page thru the RoboHelp created site the text is distorted since it is trying to fit within a specified pane.


      My question is how can I create margins on the page so that they appear when accessing the HTML file directly and in printed documentation and still have the text fill the entire frame on the site. Is this done by editing the frameset or am I missing something simple here?


      Thank you!