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    After Effects not starting at all, stops at "initializing user interface"


      I installed CS5 master collection trial version on W7 64 bit machine.


      After Effects  doesn't load at all (it stops at "initializing user interface") and it's  even impossible to kill the  process in windows (never had this problem with any app). I can shut down all  the other processes, like dynamiclinkmanager.exe  or Adobe QT32  Server.exe, but aftereffects.exe  just won't stop and I need to restart my PC.

      Also  Premier crashes after I click 'new project', or try to open something,  but the application starts and I do see the whole GUI.


      I updated Quicktime, as well as my video card  drivers. All  other apps in the master collection seem to work fine. Uninstalled the  whole thing twice (with the remove preferences option), cleaned the registry with a comodo system clean up utility,  reinstalled also twice- nothing. Tried with the firewall turned off and  quick time completly uninstalled - nothing changed.