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    In need of some script asap!

    janineabc Level 1



      im making a website using a swf loader.


      i have 5 buttons on my home page with the script;


      on (release) {




      to link to my pages.
      these pages work, however on two of the pages i have sub menus that i need to load in.
      so i use the main button which loads the sub menu, however im strugling to get the submenu to work.
      on the sub menu buttons i have;
      on (release) {
      loadMovie("swf/cat.swf", _root.swfLOADER.swfBOX);
      to load it into a box on top of the original loader.
      however it only works if i export it and go to the subsections first. If i go to any over section that loads straight into the swfLOADER and then try and load in the subsections it doesnt work!
      I have has two actionscripters look at this today and still not found a solution.
      any help would be very much appreciated.