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    Flash CS3 - Screen randomly refreshing in code view

    midimid Level 1

      I've been using Flash CS3 for years on my work computer. In the past month or so, I noticed that the screen has been randomly "refreshing" while I'm working on code view.


      If you open up an FLA and then a couple of related AS files, you can see a bit of a "flash" or "refresh" of the code view as you switch between your opened AS files. Like in a millisecond, its switching between a gray background and your AS file's code. I'm now seeing that same "refresh" all the time, but randomly, when I'm just simply working in a single AS file.


      - Only the code viewing area refreshes (including the line number area), the other panels remain unaffected.

      - I see it while remoting in to the desktop! This tells me its probably not hardware related.

      - It occurs very randomly, but it almost always happens when switching from one AS file to another, and then after waiting anywhere between 1-6 seconds.

      - Only happens when Flash CS3 is focused. If I leave it in the background, using a different program, it never happens.

      - Can happen while working on a single AS file, without switching to a different opened file, or while working with many files open.

      - Only happens while in code view - I don't see it when working with an FLA.

      - Happens regardless if its my left or right monitor (I have dual screens)

      - Its REALLY annoying!