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    CS5 Roto Brush memory allocation issues?


      I'm running the AE CS5 demo. No matter how I set the drive cache preferences, Roto Brush appears to be using my (almost full) startup disk as a scratch disk. About nine or ten seconds into propagation or freezing I get a message that OSX is out of application memory and has paused After Effects. Renders cause my whole system to crash. Is there a fix for this other than clearing more files off my system drive?


      I also managed, of all things, to crash the After Effects help with a broken update, so I can't even check that to see if there's something obvious I'm missing! I'm having very bad software luck today... :-)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, if the system disk is really that full, then that would be more of a general system issue, I'm afraid. RB as such doesn't do scratch disk. All that is handled by the system swap file (if it runs out of RAM) or the normal AE disk cache. You will need to develop an alternate plan. If you have a second drive, setting the system's tmp variable/ virtual path to that drive may already hugely help. Likewise, moving the AE caches to that disc and cleaning them out might improve matters...



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            victoria.nece Level 1

            I think you're right that it's the system swap file that's filling  the drive. My startup disk only has about 7gb free at the moment. (I only use it for applications, and I run almost everything else off of additional drives. The first thing I did when I installed CS5 was to change the cache locations.) I've never had trouble before -- CS4 seems to just stick  everything in the AE cache -- but roto brush in particular seems intent on using the system swap file instead.


            Is there a way to force it to use the AE cache path, or to change the swap file location without dealing with the command line? Right now it sounds like the simplest solution is just to move a bunch of stuff off my startup disk and hope that's enough to keep it from crashing.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              How much RAM do you have? What are your Memory & Mutliprocessing settings?


              Are you running other applications at the same time?

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                victoria.nece Level 1

                I have an 8-core mac pro (OSX 1.5) with 8gb of RAM (1gb/CPU allocation). I've reserved 1 processor and 1.5 gb ram for other apps, but the only other stuff I'm running is email, IM and a couple browser windows. All my cache settings are set to non-system drives.


                I cleared another 35gb off my system drive and it seems to be working now, but the longest clip I'm dealing with at the moment is only 15 seconds or so.