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    Camera issue

      Using Macromedia Director MX 2004, how do i make the camera move in a path inside a 3D sprite?
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          Minds Eye Level 1
          I think the function you're looking for is
          transform1.interpolateTo(transform2, percentage)

          call this function regularly from exitFrame, stepFrame or a timeOut object
          incrementing the percentage variable each time.

          For example:

          on beginSprite me
          --create a reference to the camera transform
          tCam = member("3d world").camera("DefaultView").transform
          --another transform variable - this is where we want to get to
          tTo = transform()
          tTo.position = vector( -314, -220, 305 )

          on exitFrame me
          pInc = pInc + 1

          tCam.interpolateTo(tTo, pInc)

          go the frame

          This is fine for a straight path.
          However, if the path needs to be curved, then you could use our " Minds Eye Bezier" Xtra
          There are plenty of examples in the evaluation bundle that you can download.

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            hysm Level 1
            thanks :D