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    CS5 No sound playback with HD422 clips

    Marcus Koch Level 1

      Hi, I installed CS5 Master parallel to my CS4 Master installation on a Windows 7 (64-bit) system. I opened a new HD422 project and imported HD422 1080i50 footage. If I play back the clips on the timeline or through the monitor I can't hear any sound. There is just a faint noise. If I import an EX3 clip the sound works fine. Does anybody has this problem, too?


      I also have the Matrox Axio LE card installed with my CS4. According to reports from users they were able to install CS5 parallel and it didn't break their AXIO funtionality. In my case the importer process is crashing, when I'm opening Premiere CS4. I thought this should work fine. I don't know if this issue has any influence on my HD422 playback.