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    Debugging problems...

    xbytor2 Level 4

      New to PSCS5 is the loss of the 'Hold-the-ALT-key-during-script-launch-to-run-in-ESTK' feature.

      This has screwed up my workflow somewhat.


      What's worse is that I have now have several PS scripts that won't launch from ESTK at all. They just hang. No error message or anything.

      Photoshop pops forward, the ESTK spinner spins, and nothing happens. I have to hit the Stop button and return focus to PS before I can

      do anything again with ESTK.


      I'll file a bug report now that I'm able to reproduce this with a script I can share with them. But if anybody wants to try to replicate this, download the latest rev of CSX and try and launch it from ESTK. It may be a little sluggish since CSX is flattened out to 25KLOC, but I see the same problem in my dev version that uses //@includes.


      As it stands, when ever I want to debug stuff, I have to use "$.level =1; debugger;". I'd really be screwed if that ever went away. Again.