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    Premiere Pro, After Effects CS5 & the shared memory pool

    jabloomf1230 Level 1

      This feature works quite nicely under Win 7 x64. I'm thinking of adding more RAM and going up to 12 GB. However, I noticed that the CS5 shared memory pool is limited to 75% of the installed physical RAM. Although that makes sense if you have  a computer with the minimum system requirements of 4 GB (because Windows itself will use just under 1GB +/-), it makes less sense at 12 GB, where 9 GB is all you can use for the CS5 pool.


      Is this the way it works or is there some way that I can be "greedy" and go above the 75% number for higher amounts of physical RAM? It helps to have as much physical RAM as possible for high resolution AE previews, etc.