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    Linking a button within the same website


      Hello Everyone,


           For the past hour or so I have been searching around the internet trying to find a solution to my problem and so far, no luck I hope someone can help me because my final website project is due Friday and I have tried everything I know.


      I am creating a website in flash and I need help linking to internal pages.


      I have created mc's (movie clips) for each one of my pages and for pages within those pages, if you can understand that lol. The problem I am having is, linking from one mc to another.


      Example: I am in my home page movie clip, and I have a "read more" button on one of the articles, when a user clicks on this button I want him to be redirected to the page that article is on.


      In my case, I am making a website that gives users information on Paris, France. On my home page I have an article that speaks about Napoleonic and I have created a "read more" button. The information on Napoleonic is on the landmarks page(which is its own movie clip). When the user clicks on the "read more" button I want him to be redirected to the page thats in its own movie clip with the info.


      Not really sure how to explain it better, but I hope you guys can understand me.