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    Magic Bullet Instant HD Advance Is Tanking forever to render

    Lukasz Borsuk

      Don't know if it normally takes this long to render in Adobe After Effects CS4.


      I have a 64-bit sytem and I hardly got anything on my pc just a few music and music videos so its probably not the computer.


      I must of done somthig wrong.Heres what I did.


      I imported my 4:3 video then I draged the video under the project panel once i draged the video under the project panel it created a new comp.

      I double click it and it open in the timeline panel then i selected the time panel by pressing ctrl+k the new com press setting opend and in the comp I set the resolution to 1920x1080 and the aspect ration to square pixels.Then I scale the video till it fit the comp.


      After I did all that I added magic bullet instant hd advance to the video.I set the output to HDTV 1080 ( 1920X1080 ) so that it maches.

      It's been it's now 2 hours and still it's rendering.It's says that it's rendering 1 of 2 what's that about?

      Does it render with the plug-in and with out?


      Anyways if someone reads all this can u tell if I did anything wrong.If so explane what I did wrong and how to do it right.