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    Adobe Listened

    Robert Crowe

      There have been many questions about Adobe's level of commitment to Director and Shockwave, and rightly so.  But today I have a hopeful story to tell.

      When D11.5 came out, it included a new security model for cross domain networking.  Unfortunately the new model caused security problems for embedded Flash sprites, which we use heavily in our application, and the result was that we could not move to D11.5 from D11.0.

      I contacted Adobe and started to make the case for a more sophisticated security model that took into account the native security model of embedded Flash media.  But I've worked with big companies enough to know that an outsider trying to get an engineering team to think differently and make changes was a long shot, but even so I really had no choice but to try.  Big company teams tend to have big egos, so the question was how the Director team would react.

      The good news is that unlike many big company teams, the Director team at Adobe listened, and released the new security model in Shockwave  My hope is that this marks the start of better communications and more responsiveness between the Director team and the developer community.  Time will tell, but I view the experience that I had as a reason to hope.

      My thanks go out to the Tridib, Krishnan, Manikandan, Harini, Varahamurthy, and anyone else who worked on these changes.  They make a huge difference for us.