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    How to trigger datagrid doLater()

      I'm developing with Flash 8. I'm trying to figure out what conditions will trigger the datagrid to call doLater(). I am not dynamically creating a datagrid with "new" or createObject(). The datagrid is already placed on the stage and I'm simply adding columns and populating it with data through a data_set component.

      Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. After I edit a value in a cell and hit enter (and leave the focus of that cell), I do not want the focus to be on the next cell or any other cell for that matter. In the cellFocusOut listener function, I make the datagrid not editable and register a function to be called by doLater(). However, the do later is never executed. I have also tried adding and removing columns/rows to try and trigger the doLater() call but with no success. Could someone please explain to me when the datagrid calls doLater?