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    Deployment Guide for CS5 Master Collection


      Im looking for the Deployment toolkit for Adobe CS5 along with the Guides on how to deploy CS5.

      I know there are deployment guides for Adobe CS4 but im looking for the updated CS5 Version.



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          I too would also need to know this.  We are getting ready to deploy Master Collection for both Mac and PC to over 100 computers.  Time is of the essence because we are already receiving the media and our faculty members are anxious to get hands on it.

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            I too am looking for a deployment guide.  You would think they could include one on the dvd?

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              René Frej Nielsen

              Have you got it to work? It seems to me that the application.xml.override file is ignored during the installation, because I get the EULA and is prompted for a serial on the first application launch. I have tried to specify the path as the guide describes but I have also tried to leave out --overrideFile= since the file is already placed in the deploy folder as the guide also describes.

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                OilerNut Level 1

                It's working for me.


                I did the following steps:

                - Copied install-en_US.xml to the root directory where set-up.exe is located and renamed it install.xml

                - Under "payloads\AdobeDesignPremium5-mul" I created the file "application.xml.override".

                  The file contains the following, XXXXX being your serial number, I also saved the file as utf-8 encoding in notepad (not sure if that matters):

                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                <Configuration><Payload adobeCode="{A1BC7068-C1BA-410F-8B9A-DB807C803DE2}">
                <Data key="Serial" protected="0">XXXXX</Data>
                <Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data><Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data><Data key="EULADelay">-1</Data>


                - I then created an install script batch file which contains the following:

                Set-up.exe --mode=silent --deploymentFile=install.xml --overrideFile=payloads\AdobeDesignPremium5-mul\application.xml.override



                One other thing to note is <Payload adobeCode="{A1BC7068-C1BA-410F-8B9A-DB807C803DE2}"> is obtained from payloads\setup.xml which contains the line <mediaSignature>{A1BC7068-C1BA-410F-8B9A-DB807C803DE2}</mediaSignature>.


                That product ID would be different for each differet CS5 product, that is the one for Design Premium CS5.

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                  René Frej Nielsen Level 1

                  It's working for me now as well as I realized that I had omitted the "--" in front of overrideFile. Once that was in place then the application.xml.override file was respected!


                  And now Adobe has released Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition and it works! Yeah!

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                    Working on Master Collection CS5 and I am getting a return code 26 "An error occurd. Exiting installer"


                    I've copied the application.xml.override to "payloads\AdobeMasterCollection5-mul" with the following content. What am i doing wrong? Please advise


                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
                    <Configuration><Payload adobeCode="{FBB02B04-C034-4382-A3F6-57416E2752C4}">
                    <Data key="Serial" protected="0">serialnumber</Data>
                    <Data key="Registration">Suppress</Data><Data key="Updates">Suppress</Data><Data key="EULADelay">-1</Data>


                    My batch file looks somethis like this


                    "D:\AdobeMasterCollectionCS5\Disc1\Adobe CS5\Set-up.exe" --mode=silent --deploymentFile="D:\AdobeMasterCollectionCS5\Disc1\Adobe CS5\install.xml"