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    Text Scrolling Stall


      What could cause a text page to freeze at a certain point when scrolling up using the scroll bar up arrow? I am using Director 11.5 with standard (not field) text with a standard scroll bar (no extra options - like kerning, editable, etc chosen) although I am not using DTS (I do have images over part of the text). The text scrolls down fine, but when the user tries to scroll back up, the text freezes midway (no recovery). Oddly, the slide bar works just fine on the same text - up or down - on that same scroll bar. This happens during authoring and in the projector - on both the Mac and PC. Also, oddly, I have many text blocks that are EXACTLY the same, where the up arrow works perfectly. I have checked every single item for differences and can find none. Any hints here on where to look or what to check?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a repro movie with just this single text member in it?

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            TJD47 Level 1

            I did save a movie with just that one text member, but realized I can't attach it to these forums and I have no site to post it. But, saving that file for you did confirm one thing, even without all the other cast members, code, linked casts, etc., the scrolling stall remains. I even just tried stripping the text of all formatting outside of Director and repasting it - still stalls. BUT, when I type in new text, the scroll bar up button works perfectly. Sadly, retyping all the text members is NOT an option. Thanks for offering to help, though, Sean.