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    @checked for an Array

    Nirmal Kumar Bhogadi

      Hello All,


      I have an issue regarding a checkbox.  I have a tree for which the children are dynamically created as  XMLList. For XMLList I am using AllOfficers[u].@checked = "0". Here AllOfficers is a XMLList type. "0" is to disable the checkbox.  I want the same functionality for an Array. I tried with selectedOfficerName[u].@checked = "1", where selectedOfficerName is an Array but found no luck. Can somebody help me in this respect.


      Thanks in advance,

      Nirmal Kumar Bhogadi

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          TeotiGraphix Level 3



          selectedOfficerName[u].@checked = "1


          Are you saving an XML node in the Array index? If so I don't think bindable properties work since you have detached it from the actual XML list.


          You would need to create a class that had a Bindable property "checked", then you could bind to that property in the Array's index.