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    Fireworks CS5 STILL can't properly save .JPG files???


      Here is a huge problem that I was constantly running into with Fireworks CS3, and one of the reasons I upgraded to CS5. Here's the problem:


      I'm working on a flat 184K PNG file within fireworks. I want to save it as a .JPEG. I select "Save As" from the file menu, then choose JPEG as the "Save as type". I then click options and choose either the "JPEG - Better QUality" option or the "JPEG - Smaller File" option . The preview says that I can expect the file to be about 22.46K in size. I press "OK" and then "Save". I locate the JPEG I just created and look at it's size and discover it's actually 34.4K! 53% larger than what it should be. Below is the screen capture of the initial preview window.




      However, I take that same source file and select "Batch Process" from the file menu. I select that same 184K  PNG source file. I choose "Export" in the batch options, choose the identical export settings I did in the example above, and choose it's outpout location. I click "Batch" and look at the files size of the JPEG I just exported. The size is only 21.9K.


      - Original File: 184K (PNG)

      - Using "Save As": 34.4K (says 22.46K)

      - Using Batch Process: 21.9K


      One more wrinkle... When you try to save a JPEG from a PNG file again after already saving it ONCE, it will change the preview size to actually show a much more accurate total as shown in the photo below.



      For someone that uses Fireworks as his #1 graphics tool, I am terribly dissapointed that in 3 ITERATIONS of this product, this bug has not been fixed. (I miss Macromedia)


      Notes: I've duplicated this error on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 32-bit, which I'm currently running.


      I really want to hear from you Fireworks users and Adobe Staff, what is going on with this product and how can this be fixed?