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    Finally got CS5

    ruzun Level 1

      My CS5 arrived in the mail today, finally.  Installed no problems, and I loaded a few old Premiere Elements Projects to try it out.  Seems to load them fine.  Coming from Elements I have a lot to learn...it's confusing to me.


      First impressions, this is fast.  All the render lines are red on my projects indicating I need to render them or use different effects.  But editing 1920x1080/60i AVCHD files is a breeze with this software compared to Elements.  I have the program monitor window on full resolution, and even with all the red timeline render bars scrubbing and playback seem full speed.   It's very very fast.


      Loading projects is very fast, minimizing then going back to CS5 is very fast.  So far just no problems at all, really zippy performance and no issues.


      It does seem to take a LONG time to output files though, to encode H.264 output using the 2 pass video encoder seems to take a long time, but I will learn more about that as I get familiar with basic editing.


      Overall a very pleasant experience, but I think I have a bit of familiarization ahead of me.


      My system is a Quad Core-i7 965 at 3.2Ghz, 12GB of RAM, a GeForce 285 card and just regular SATA hard drives.


      -Roger Uzun

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4



          A couple suggestions.  Since you have a GTX 285 you should be able to get rid of many of your red render lines.


          First; make sure you have CUDA HW GPU enabled in your project settings.


          Then make sure you are using the right Sequence preset for your source files.  If you choose the wrong one it will slow everything down and perhaps cause problems.  One way to "cheat" is to drop a clip on the new item icon and Pr will create the right seqience for you.


          Last; take a look at the effects panel.  There are "badges" that allow you to filter the effects list.  One badge will show you just the effects that are accelerated.  There are a lot of them; the ones most commonly used.   Use these whenever possible rather than a non accelerated effect and you will have much better performance.


          Enjoy your new system!

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            ruzun Level 1

            The effects I commonly use for UW footage, Auto Levels, Auto Color, Shadow and Highlight, are not GPU accelerated.  Those are the cause of the red render lines.   But I've not noticed slow playback or scrubbing even with the red render lines so far.

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              ruzun Level 1

              What do you mean by drop a clip in the new item icon?  I'm  not sure where the new item icon is located.  Is it on the sequence presets page when you create a new project?



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                Curt Wrigley Level 4

                The new item icon is at the bottom of the project panel.  hover over it and the name should pop up.


                BTW;  Use the "Auto filters" with care.  If you dont set the temporal smoothing high (which slows the rendering way down) they cause some pretty abrupt changes to exposure or color.  The manual versions of those are accelerated and generally better results (except you need to adjust them manually of course)

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                  ruzun Level 1

                  I need a lesson on how to re-create auto-levels in particular, using the simple levels effect.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    I'm with Curt. The Auto Effects take measurements of the Clip and will attempt to apply dynamic corrections. In the past, this was very bleak, and totally unusable in my book. CS5 might have improved them, so will not comment on the new version. The same could be said for the Auto corrections in PS too. Mostly, those were useless and destroyed the image, IMHO.


                    If CS5 HAS improved them, I might give up my manual application of, say Levels, or Highlight & Shadow, on a segment-by-segment basis.


                    Good luck,



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                      John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      >My system is a Quad Core-i7 965 at 3.2Ghz, 12GB of RAM, a GeForce 285 card and just regular SATA hard drives


                      I am very interested to read about your experience with "just regular SATA hard drives" after all the warnings I've read about needing RAID


                      My new computer has an i7 930 (standard clock speed) and I have 2x320Gig drives for Software and Temp files and 1-Terabyte for data


                      I have taken some test shots with my new Canon Vixia, and will start editing as soon as the store I use has CS5 available... so reading that you are happy without raid is a good sign that I will be able to edit MTS - at least well enough for my hobbyist needs