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    Premiere and Encore errors. Picture/transition flicker. & Encore errors

    creazer Level 1

      I'm using Premiere Pro CS4

      When I go to build a project using Adobe Encore CS4, I get this error message:

      Encore error.jpg

      All I'm doing is, is importing my mpeg which I created using CS4 and I'm building direct to DVD. Also when I put the mpeg file on the Encore timeline, it has an unusually long audio clip. Even though the sound finishes at 3 minutes, the clip on the timeline will show that its almost an hour long. (see below)

      long audio track.jpg




      2. I am also exporting avi files from my CS4 premiere. When I view them both on the computer monitor and Tv screen the picture flickers. Especially when I'm using a transition, it's most obvious then. Wether its a fade or the push transition, the picture flickers obviously.


      Below is some information on my computer:

      Q1: The codec used in your source clips                                                                                                           

      A: Please see attached screenshot jpeg called 'harm'

      .G spot 13.jpg

      Q2: Premiere Pro                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

                      1. version number A- Version 4.0.0 (314)

                      2. Installation Language  - English

                      3. Updates applied -

                      4. Project/sequence settings A - Please see attached screenshot jpegs - 'project settings' & 'Sequence settings'

      project settings.jpgproject settings.jpg

      Q3: Operating system

                      1. Name   A: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit operating system

                      2. update/ patch level  

                      3.Installed language   A: English

                      4. Display resolution and colour depth A: I've been told they're good

      Q4: CPU type & speed  A: Please see attached screenshot jpeg - 'cpu'


      Q5: Amount of memory(RAM)  A: 8GB

      Q6: Video Card

                      1. Manufacturer  A: NVIDIA

                      2. Model   A: NVIDIA Ge Force 9800 GTX/9800 GTX

                      3. Driver version    A:

      Q7: Number of monitors (displays) in use   A: 1 monitor

      Q8: Audio card

                      1. Manufacturer    A: Analog Device

                      2. Model   A: Sound MAX Integrated digital HD Audio

                      3. Driver version    A:

      Q9: Each hard drive's capacity and space remaining

                      1. Disc setup (partitions used, raid configuration, what is where for OS/projects/media/scratch/audio)

      A: (c) drive - OS & Premiere software

                      69.5 GB free of 139 GB

          (e) drive - Projects - scratch discs and etc. Same as projects

                      RAID5 -  800GB free of 1.81 TB

      Q10: Hardware capture device

                      1. Manufacturer     A: Sony

                      2. Model          A: DSR 11

                      3. Driver version number    ?

      Q11. Capture software

                      A: Premiere Pro CS4

      Q12: Comprehensive list of third party plug ins you installed.

      A: Borris continuum 6

      Q14: Explain clearly what you want to do, what you are doing and what the result is

      A: I'm filming in SD, editing in Premiere and then output to DVD.  Once editing is complete, I go to export > Adobe media encoder, then export to mpeg.When I view the video on the computer screen, it's quite obvious to me the picture highlights flicker. It's extremely obvious when I'm using transitions. e.g. Push transition with fast blur effect. Even a simple cross fade and the picture makes an obvious jitter back and forth. When I view the shots on DVD on a normal TV, same thing. The problems are the same.

      Q16: Post details of trouble shooting  you have already done to avoid 'did that' responses to questions people ask when trying to help.

      A:             - I film using a Canon XHa1 and my filming settings are: DVPAL 16 x 9 50i

                      - Spoke with Adobe and they asked me to download Divx drivers. Which I did, and it's made no difference.