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    Form templates (XDP, ...) Caching Doubts

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      Needs some clarification on some doubts


      Forms Service

      Using Unconditional Caching mode

      Each request forms service compares the timestamp of the resources in the repository to the timestamp of the resources in the cache. If the resource in the cache is older, the Output service updates it.


      Will there be any issue if there is a Time Zone different (around six hours different) between Form Development machine and Livecycle Server machine?

      What does the timestamp of the files in repository based on?



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          pguerett Level 6

          Yes the timestamp is in the XDP template so I believe that this will cause you issues. You can clear the cache in the adminui so that the form will be pulled from the repository (only after you save a new version of course).



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            ryan.sg Level 1

            Hi Pual, Thanks for replying to my post.


            Do you mean that whenever LiveCycle Server or Form Service cached the XDP templates, it will modified the XDP timestamp based on its machine's timezone timestamp?


            Is there any alternate solution to this situation?

            As it will be difficult to request the administrator to perform a cache reset whenever there is an update in the XDP templates, not mentioning if this happened in a Production environment.