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    template not showing

      I have a FW created table with three tables within a a fourth. It works fine separating the content to allow the area below the banner in the third table to move and not break the navigation bar on the left. When I create an Editable region one of the rows of this third table, the area I want the expandable and designer editable content, it of course creates a template. I change the references to site relative save the file it displays perfectly, including the style sheet. I create a page from this template and save it in heirarchy of my /pages structure and it saves and displays perfectly, including the style sheet.

      However, and I believe this is very wierd, when create a link to it and display the page and follow the link all that shows up is the editable content without the style sheet. NOthing of the previously perfectly displayed template is showing. I tried everything, changing it to document relative, recreating the template and the new page, etc. Can someone tell me what is wrong here.