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    Gallery Problems

      I am trying to duplicate something I have done before, just by changing the graphics and code, like I used at http://rownak.com/Gallery/Gallery1/RownakGallery2.htm
      For some reason I can't get the new one to work just by changing the actionscript in
      http://rownak.com/ReaderBoard2/ReaderBoardFlash2.swf and the names in http://rownak.com/ReaderBoard2/test2.htm.
      The new gallery has 41 graphics the older one has 12.
      I do the graphics for the Video reader board next to the 405 freeway, Los Angeles, by Airport Marina Ford and Honda and I want to display some of my graphic design work on my site. The address for the new gallery is http://rownak.com/ReaderBoard2/ReaderBoardFlash2.htm More of the graphics show up when I preview on my system and less show up from the internet. neither will show all the graphics. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Rownak