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    If condiction in forms

    luca.fox Level 1

      Hi to all the community. I'm really a beginner, and I'd like to ask you "how to do".

      I'm usign LC to realize a form to pick infos coming form different areas of the company.


      What I'd like to do is to condiction the appearance of a piece of the form just in case the filler selects an answer. I try to explain better:


      in a multiple chose box, if the filler selects the answer 1, it must appear a set of questions; if he selects the answer 2, it must appear an other set of questions.


      I've red about subforms, but I think it's not exectly what I need.


      Is there anywhere a guide (a simple guide) explaining the basis to do this?

      Thanks in advance!

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          pguerett Level 6

          The easiest way to do this is to use the presence property to hide/show the parts of the form you want to control. I woudl wrap all of the questions that need to appear together in a subform. That way you can hide/show the subform and all of the contents of that subform will aquire the parent setting. If you do not then you will have to hide/show each individual object.


          Now you can test the value of your choice box to see what the user selected then change the presence accordingly....somethig like this:


          if (ChoiceListName == 1){

               subformQuestionsA.presence = "visible";

               subformQuestionsB.presence = "hidden";

          } else {

               subformQuestionsB.presence = "visible";

               subformQuestionsA.presence ="hidden";





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            luca.fox Level 1

            Hi Paul, thanks for your reply.

            It seems this is the way to do what I need.


            I've an other question for you. It's more "operative" than the previous.


            Now is clear I can create a subform and let it appear when I like (VIZ when the filler gives certain answers). It's not really clear how I can directly connect the answer to the appearance of the subform. I've seen the code and I think I can undestand it, but can't realize where and when to write it down.


            If it's not a problem for you, could you give me precise instruction of how to proceed?


            Thanks again.



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              pguerett Level 6

              It woudl be easier if you shared the form, then I coudl do the 1st question to show you and you could do the rest. If you send the file and and explanation to LiveCycle8@gmail.com I will have a look when I can.



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                luca.fox Level 1

                This will help.

                Good, I'm sending.


                Where to find a complete but SIMPLE guide for Livecycle beginners??