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    Autrorun problem and a Mac versus Windows moan

    Mitchell Remes Level 1

      It must be 5 years ago now when I first got my hands on Director and Flash and as a video editor handing out bog standard DVD's I could see the beauty of a more interactive experience on DVD/CD ROM.  I more or less fell at the last hurdle when I looked into the problem of simply having the whole presentation open automatically as soon as a disc was inserted in either a Mac or Windows machine.  I got sidetracked by After Effects and Flash fell by the wayside.  I now have a client that wants to hand out 3 of my videos on a branded USB pen and I figured it was time to make Flash my friend again.  No such luck, the autoplay/autorun snag is still there (in fact it's worse as there is no way of doing it now on a MAC, I could be wrong of course).


      Ok so I am resigned to let autorun work for windows users and leaving Mac users out in the cold, but herein lies my question; if I need to include a "read me" file, is there a cross platform Notepad type file that both Mac and Windows users can read (I'm expecting some problems for Windows users as I haven't even looked into autoplay on W7 yet).  So I want a way of generically adding a small note to users of either platform.


      Just in case you think this is too general a question for a Flash forum, maybe one of you clever boffins out there have found an elegant solution to my problem, if so let me have it.  By the way I am a Windows user historically but am not the least bit precious about the Windows versus Mac issue, it's just that my studio has developed around PC's due to historical serendipity.  I love Macs, I just can't find a justification for buying one at the moment (my god that is like a red rag to a bull).


      Am looking forward to getting my head around Flash, maybe I need to get out more!!!!!