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    Flash, Flex... make up your mind please

    mari8899 Level 1

      I've looked around and I see tons of people totall confused with these, including myself. First Adobe says Flex Builder is now renamed to Flash Builder, ok good, but why then everywhere you go you still see Flex word.

      For example in Flash Builder documentations you can find Flex word everywhere. Then code hints says something like this: you can do this or that in Flex... and I was like I don't see properly obviously I opened Flash Builder 4 software but everywhere I go it says Flex again.


      Then we have Flex framework, if Flex doesn't exists anymore, then you should rename this to Flash framework.

      Then#2 we have on Adobe's web pages things like: Flex 4 is the latest production quality release.  ok great latest, since its not LAST, when is Flex 5 coming out ? this is what I'm talking about when I say people are confused.


      Why don't you (Adobe) finally decide what name you want to use and then stick by it and rename old ones already.

      Like I said I've found ton of people confused with these since Adobe didn't make it clear, if Adobe choosed Flash Builder to be new name then please USE it, don't confuse people without no need.


      Thank you