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    Resources update on Server

    Leena Jain123



      In Adobe LiveCycle 9.0 , we want to add some resources manually (.xdp templates, pdf forms etc.) to the server repository .

      But it doesn’t allows to create any folder or add up any such resources. This was possible in Adobe LiveCycle 8.2 version which,

      we have used earlier.

      When we try to add the resources, it asks for access control on repository. Could you let me know , where can we set such controls,

      so that write permissions are enabled.




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          You can add the resource only if you have access.

          Try with administrator as user name and password as password and theb add.

          Otherwise you must know the username and password.




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            Leena Jain123 Level 1

            Hi Jaison,

            Thanks for the response but i am trying with administrator/password but still unable to add resources to the root folder Resources in the repository.


            In an application,if i add it,it comes as a part of the application.My requirement is to have teh Resources in the Resourses tab.When i export an LCA from 8.2 to 9.0 then the resources come on teh root level.Now if i directly want to add some resource from my local m/c to this,i am facing issues.In 8.2 simple drag drop used to work.


            May be I am missing a very silly thing but not sure.




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              $Nith$ Level 4

              There is a specific role named 'Resource Administrator'. Can you try to grant this permission to your userid and upload the resources?


              FYI, the super administrator will have all the rights by default; Anyway, just try this option.