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    Problem with Photoshop Elements 6.0 disc


      When I purchased a wacom bamboo fun tablet last year it came with free a Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0 disc. However, the disc isn't working. I hvae my serial number and everything, but whne I put the dic in the drive, nothing happens. Is there any way to download Elements 6.0 and then just enter my serial number? (Like how you do with a free trial, I think?)

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          Yay google!

          I have a similar problem.

          Im moving to a new computer and cant find the disc for elements 6.

          I managed to get the serial off my old computer (using a program made for finding it in registry),

          but I dont know how to install it to the new computer without a disc.

          Isnt there a trial for it anywhere? I wanna draw!


          PS, mine came with my intuos3. the tablet is kinda the only thing I didnt lose.