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    OSMF on CS3


      Hi All,


      Is it possible to get OSMF working on CS3? or failing that FlashDevelop?


      Many Thanks.

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          bringrags Level 4

          Instructions for using OSMF with CS4 are included in the release notes (PDF):


          http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/download/attachments/34373765/ReleaseNotesv095.pdf?versio n=1


          I assume that they're similar to CS3.  (If anyone wants to post instructions for CS3 or FlashDevelop, we can try to get them in the next drop's release notes.)

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            latariod Level 1


            Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they are not similar.



            I don't think it is possible as you need FP10 for OSMF and CS3 only goes up to FP9 in the publish settings, so the instructions beak down here. And also the directory structure is different, i.e. there is no "libs" folder in CS3.



            If you try to import the component using the GUI you get a "Unexpected File Format" error.


            I am going to try with FlashDevelop, if i get it working I will report back.



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              latariod Level 1

              Hi All,


              Just thought I'd update this thread.


              I have managed to get the HelloWorld example working with FlashDevelop. I will just list some points to what I did:


              1. I created an AS3 Project on FD and put the contents of the "HelloWorld" folder into the "src" folder that FD makes.


              2. Made sure all project/program settings use FP10.


              3. Placed osmf.swc in the "lib" folder that FD makes.

              3b. Then right-clicked the .swc file within FD GUI and selected "Add To Library".


              4. Copied all import statements from the HelloWorld.as to Main.as (FD generates Main.as).


              5. Finally I right-clicked HelloWorld.as in FD GUI and selected "Always Compile".


              6. Click Build.


              If everything went ok you should be able to run index.html ( from your bin folder that FD generates ), If anyone wants I can provide FD project with working HelloWorld OSMF example.


              Hope this helps, If you get stuck reply back and will try and help. I am using Flex SDK 3.5 with latest version of FD.



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                latariod Level 1

                In the OSMFPlayer example, it seems to be missing the Chrome .swc file

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                  latariod Level 1

                  Last Update:


                  Of the examples I have tried out of the latest OSMF download they all work on FlashDevelop, using the process from above. I have tried:


                  1. All HelloWorld examples.

                  2. LayoutSample

                  3. HTMLMediaContainerSample


                  The OSMF player example seems to be missing a .swc file as mentioned above.


                  Thanks and HTH.

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                    bringrags Level 4

                    The SWC you're missing is from ChromeLibrary, which is a project that OSMFPlayer is dependent on (look under the libs folder).  Make sure you compile that one too.