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    Is there a way to...


      Now.. that's a nice probleme i've got...


      Is there a simpler way to make this tween of a text ( static text converted to graphic ) without having to "cheat" ? ( all tween are done using the classic tween)


      - What i want :


      - keyframe #1 : text helvetica 16 pt, scale 75 %  ( 1 frame ) -----> tween to  ( 4 frame )

      - keyframe #2 : Same text Helvetica 16, Scale 85 % BOLD ( 1 frame ) ------> Tween to ( 4 frame )

      - keyframe #3 : Same text than keyframe #1, 16 pt, Scale 75 % no bold ( 1 frame) ( it's a copy of Keyframe #1 )


      - How i did it so far :




      (explanation for layer named : "commerce detail" and layer 33 as exemple)


      LAYER "commerce detail"

      - keyframe #1 : text helvetica 16 pt, scale 75 % , Symbol "commerce detail" ( 1 frame , frame #86) -----> tween to  ( 4 frame, Frame #90)

      - keyframe #2 : text Helvetica 16, Scale 85 % Symbol "commerce detail"  ( 1 frame, frame #91) -------> Frame # 92 and 93 are blank


      LAYER 33

      - keyframe #3 : Symbol "Commerce detail copy", 16 pt, Scale 85 % Bold ( 2 frame, frame #92 and 93) ( it's a copy of Symbol "commerce detail" with the text in Bold using the text tool inside the symbol itself) -----> All other frame are blank


      LAYER "commerce detail"

      - keyframe #4 : text Helvetica 16, Scale 85 % Symbol "commerce detail"  ( 1 frame, frame #94) -------> Tween to ( 4 frame, Frame 98 )

      - keyframe #5 : text helvetica 16 pt, scale 75 % , Symbol "commerce detail" ( 1 frame , frame #99) -----> End


      You can see in the screenshoot the Bold text vs the other normal...


      I tried other solution like :


      - Doing the simple tween as i would like, but replacing the keyframe 2 by a new symbol with the bold text, however when i do that flash automatiquely replace it by the same symbol than the keyframe 1 and 3 of the tween.... That seem logical save it is anoying.


      - tried to edit the symbol on the specific keyframe 2, however changing the symbol here change the symbol everywhere, and once again it is logical as it should be.


      - tried to do the  tween directly inside the symbol itself ( double click the symbol)


      The result is not a "true" tween or effect... and that's a shame.


      What is really weird is that when i builded this flash, at some point i did a mistake that MADE that tween appear like a bold, without been a real bold... It was really something about alignment and the size of the text box itself, anyway it really a graphic bug... Funny is that if i could do that mistake willingly this time, it would save me time...


      haa... the wish to redo a mistake and not being able to...


      Any help please ? and knowing Ned i'm sure he will have the solutions i have faith in you


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          Here is the link to my flash completed. So you can have a better idea of what it's going on.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              for me, your post is too long and detailed to go through.  because ned also bypassed it, he may have felt the same.  that leaves you with less than a 50% chance that someone will respond to your post.


              that said, the key to tweening text is to move to different layers each object that needs to tween independently of other objects.  so, for example, consider you wanted to tween "FLASH".


              1.  you want to move FLASH from the left side of the stage to right.  you can leave the entire word in one layer and motion tween it.


              2.  you want each letter to change independent of the others so FLASH tweens to KGLAD.  click the word, right click and click break apart to create individual letters.  right click over all the selected letters and click distribute to layers.  now, in each layer right click the letter and click break apart.  then shape-tween each layer's letter using shape hints to get the tween of each letter just the way you want.


              3.  you want the top 1/2 of FLASH (as if a horizontal line divided FLASH into upper and lower halves) to tween to KGLAD and the lower half to tween to SUCKS and you want sucks to be just below KGLAD at tween's end.  click FLASH, click break apart, and while all the letters are selected, click break apart again.  use the lasso (or some other tool) to select the top 1/2 the letters and move them a small distance from the bottom 1/2.  now select each 1/2 letter (with the lasso tool) and cut and paste to a new layer.  do the same for each half letter (upper and lower) so you have 10 layers.  now tween each 1/2 letter.


              bottomline to all timeline tweening:  the more picky you are about the end result, the more you'll need to be involved with the tweening.  flash makes it's best guess at what you want but that can often be wildly unexpected.

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                Hey Kglad


                Thanks for answering !


                I can see by your explanation that i'll have to go really deep in the tweening to achieve what i wanted, I was hoping for an easier way to make it nice and sharp. My boss just decided to go with the current version.


                However i am not discarding the information you gave me on how to tween a text. It will proove very usefull in a near futur ! Thanks !


                I set the post as answered.


                * Too detailed?... hu ?, i always though the more you give the more accurate the answer. doh*

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  there's a balance between too much info and not enough especially when you start a thread.


                  i check almost every message that has 0 responses.  there are only a few reasons i don't respond:



                  1.  i don't know the answer - not very common anymore but when people ask about lightbox or drupal, i don't know the answer off the top and i move on.

                  2.  i don't understand the question - most common reason i don't respond.

                  3.  it looks like it will take too long to understand the question - your situation.