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    How to use LayoutAdjustmentPreference using javascript?

    Muthuraj Durairaj Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am a beginner in Javascript scripting and need your help on this.


      I have a need to change the US letter size Indesign document into A4 letter document using Javascript. I tried to change the layout and succeed but when I tried LayoutAdjustmentPreference, I could not get the result as it throws error message.


      Below is the javascript I tried:


      var myDocument = app.activeDocument;
      enableLayoutAdjustment = true
      snapZone = "2 pt"
      allowGraphicsToResize  = true
      allowRulerGuidesToMove = true
      ignoreRulerGuideAlignments = false
      ignoreObjectOrLayerLocks = true
      pageSize = "A4"
      pageOrientation = PageOrientation.portrait;

      Could you please clarify where have I gone wrong in this code? or any better ideas?