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    HDCAM Tape 1080 23.98PsF

    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

      We received an HDCAM tape from a client that is labeled "High Definition 1080 23.98PsF."  The cost of even renting a deck to capture the content on this tape is pretty ridiculous.  We found a place here in Atlanta that will charge us about $150 to convert the tape's content to an editable computer video file format.  We need to have its 23 minutes of content captured and delivered to us in a format that will work best (highest quality) in a Premiere CS5 P2 1080i/1080p DVCPROHD (29.97 fps) project sequence.


      What would you suggest, is the best video file format they should deliver to us, given the above project settings this will be edited in?

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          That will be quite a complicated process, and if done icorrectly will cost you more money to get it re-transferred.


          I would ask them to provide you with an "as uncompressed as possible" file at 29.97 or 59.94 which you should then be able to transcode into which ever native format you want to edit in.


          All of the HDCAM decks, in my experience, does a pretty good job at cross conversion and frame rate conversion out of the deck. So what they should do is send that 23.98PsF video out of the deck at 29.97 and capture in 29.97.


          Hope that makes sense.


          What capture cards do you have?


          Is it not possible at all for you to rent a HDCAM deck?

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