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    A solution to hang/freeze/stop at "Burning To Folder" - 2 or 3%


      I have a project consisting of anumber of videos combined to make a 8GB DVD, with menus and widescreen.

      It takes between 5 to 6 hours to burn it to a folder.

      However, at the last step, when really doing the "Burn to folder" after compiling menus and generating video, it hangs up, cpu at 50% flat.

      I have let it go on for more than 10 hours, and it doesn't progress.

      When I click Cancel, it asks for confirmation, and then after clicking Yes, nothing happens. Cpu still at 50%. Again stayed like that for hours, nothing happens.


      So something bad is happening to a PRE8 thread/process, it burries itself in some unproductive "thinking", and it doesn't get out of that rathole. The only way is to kill it.

      I noticed that no video folder is produced as usual at the 95/96% compilation step. And it traps later when doing the "Burn to folder" step because I suppose there is nothing.


      Of course, no error message ... What a surprise ... I think Adobe people don't know how to do proper error handling, in light of another recent experience.

      Or maybe they don't know how to write sentences ? Or maybe they even don't speak ? I wonder ... Lol




      Anyway after days trimming and eliminating, I came to the source of the problem. Of course linked to Menus ... I guess this is the most crappy part of the product.

      So I'm documenting it here for others who would experience it:


      DON'T MOVE ARROWS LINKING ONE MENU PAGE TO ANOTHER IN MENUS, or at least not significantly.


      My project has 2 main menu pages ("Red leaves").

      On the first one, I moved the bottom right "next-page-arrow" up to middle right, so that it was more obvious.

      And on the second one, I moved the bottom right "previous-page-arrow" to middle left, so that it was more obvious + more meaningful.


      Well, that was the cause of the hang !!!! No error, no warning message, nothing annunciating something that couldn't be handled. Just hang !


      I moved back the two arrows to their original placement, made them 10 points lower, and it works.

      Please, if some Adobe support or even development people are reading this forum (supposing you can read if not speak :-) ), make a note of that.

      Simple enough to reproduce, you can do that with any video as short as 1 minute, 2 main menu marks, and moving around the next/previous page arrows in the menus.


      Thanks, Erwin.

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          Just to mark it solved ...


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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            Thanks for posting. One issue could well be that Buttons (encompassed by a rectangle around the largest element with a tiny bit of additional room (few pixels), cannot overlap each other by even 1 pixel. When one is editing a Menu in Photoshop, this is fairly obvious. If one is editing a Menu in Encore (the authoring program bundled with PrPro) it is VERY obvious. I have not used the Menu editor in PrE, so cannot comment. This could have been happening, and you were not informed with a useful error message.


            Now, I do find the general error messages rather lacking. Some is the fault of Adobe, and some rests with the OS reporting correctly and accurately to the Adobe program. Could be much better.


            This problem, error messages, is greatly compounded with DVD/BD authoring. Adobe licenses the Sonic Authorcore (they hold the patents to almost everything related to DVD/BD authoring), and that is designed in a modular fashion. Those modules seldom talk to each other, to the Encore/PrE abstraction layer (what we all see in these authoring programs, and it hides the Sonic Authorcore), and seldom to the OS. Encore/PrE gets a cryptic error message, and often has to just "guess" what went wrong, and it gets zero details. This is a real problem, and would take a re-write by Sonic. This is something that should be done, but seems unlikely.


            This really makes it tough for the user, and I feel your pain. I'd troubleshot some seemingly plain error messages, that had nothing to do with the real problem. Encore, or PrE just guessed very wrong.


            Good luck, and appreciate your observations,



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              erwin955 Level 1

              Bill, thanks for your reply. In the PrE Menu editor, one does see when things overlap, this is highlighted with a red box around.

              I can confirm there was no overlap problem. Just a placement problem.

              I am guessing that menus are trying to handle "key right", "key left", "key up" ... on a remote command with some logic, and that the predefined "Red leaves" template menu coming with PrE had something hardcoded inside to navigate to these next / previous page arrows which was conflicting in some way with the new logic due to their new placement ...


              Net would be: do not move them in a way which is changing the initial logic.


              I do not have an editor for menu templates to verify my guess. Do you know of one ?


              Thanks, Erwin.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thanks for that clarification. I just did not know what was displayed in the Menu Editor.


                Now, DVD Buttons are interesting things. They are assigned numbers, as they are created, and that is why the Button Layer Sets are numbered from 1 though X, with number 1 being lower in the Layer hierarchy, i.e. below the next higher Button number. Button Routing (what you are referring to with the remote controls buttons), is automatic in PrE, due to the nature of authoring. PrE expects to see things in a certain order. In Encore, one can either let the program Automatically Route Buttons, or can adjust that Routing to suit. Though Buttons look so very simple, they are anything but, and a lot goes into them. Plus, they are tightly defined by the DVD-specs., and one must step lightly around them, or issues will arise.


                I have not seen just the positioning of Buttons to be an issue (so long as they do not overlap), but as stated above, do all my work in Encore, where one must do everything manually, but will have more control. PrE makes it simple, but obviously ultimate control is lost. There could well be positional considerations that are beyond my knowledge too.


                Also, with most Menu Sets in PrE, there are often more Buttons, than might appear in one's Project. A Scene Selection Menu might have the Next and Previous Buttons in the template. Well, your first Scene Selection Menu will NOT have Previous, and the last will not have Next. This is done by PrE automatically.


                Good luck, and thank you for reporting.