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    Simple flash container for multiple streams. Possible? I need help :(

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      Hi Guys!


      I'm semi-noob so please go easy on me. I usually do all my own work, but I'm having a hard time coming up with this particular answer and the information I did manage to find on the subject has left me confused. I think this is one of those issues where the answer is probably dead simple, and i'm overcomplicating it. So I'm hoping one of you guys (or gals) can help someone out with a simple project.


      I have a PHP chat lounge. The page loads and the chatbox is PHP refreshed on a regular interval. I have 4 flash live streaming cams for users to log into and display themselves in the chat room. I also have a flash AAC+ streaming music player. Having all 5 of these flash objects embeded in the page is causing major resource consumption on the clients end and thus causing chat lag as well. After some time and as the user count mounts, the lag gets even worse. Pulling a couple of the flash objects reduces this signifigantly! I am under the impression this is due to having a lot of individual flash instances open in the users browser.


      I read somewhere that one idea is to use SWFobject to embed these things, or even java remoting. I however do not have this ability where I am doing this. They have a smart editor for the chat skins and the most I can use are object and embed. Furthermore I cannot host anything there, so I run into crossdomain security restrictions if I attempt certain tricks, even with the proper files installed on my websever


      The idea is to build a simple flash container to 'poll' the video streams, and then embed the single flash container in place of say the 4 cams for example. Thus taking the amount of flash objects loaded in a single instance down to 1 in place of the 4, If this makes sense. However I read, and read and am still lost. I think I just need to see an example or something to understand this. I understand the CPU burdon will be passed to my server, and thats actually the idea.


      What I have to work with:


      1) 4 sets of complete embed/object codes for the live flash cams. They have their own players that would also be loaded into the SWF container. So what I really need is a SWF container that accepts these embed codes (or contained parameters) and that I can size as I see fit. It would be ideal if I didn't have to have a remote XML with this as I've run into some XML requirement issues for some uses in the past with this. The Embed codes of course contain their player, the XML for it, the stream name, etc.


      2) The Flash CS4 suite & Flash MX 2004 of which I am actively working/experimenting in. I skinned my flash player for example.


      Is this possible? Am I just an Idiot? Please help a guy out. In turn it will brighten the chat experience for a lot of individuals


      Thanks for the community support!


      - Matt