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    Web assist making a framework like ADDT


      Looks like webassist is advertising a new includes based framework like addt. At least they are claiming to. I got an e-newsletter from them today.




      lets see what behaviours and functionality it comes with. this could be a big sigh of releif for alot of us that benefited from how fast and customizable our apps could be with something like ADDT.

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          I actually just recently subscribed to their monthly extension program where you have access to all their DW extensions for $19 a month. So far I have been fairly happy with them. This is great news though!

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            jgr0h Level 1

            Months later and Im frustrated with WA extensions. They discontinuted the monthly subscription plan because of not enough users. Their extensions are expensive and quite frankly, not that great. There are a couple of things I use but it seems like they try to do things like ADDT but keep it different just enough to make it maddening.

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              i would not bother with WA extensions, i signed up to the membership also in 2009 and then it got dropped, the extensions are a nightmare, took them nearly over a month to do a date search with the data assist for uk format dates.


              then they stopped free support, forums are a nightmare, always ask for a link when it is a clients site and wont do private chat or look at the page you send them.


              i use addt still with sites and works much better than their extensions.  very buggy and not good support.


              i have one of the suites after they did away with membership and i have to say i hardly every use it.  security assist and data assist i always get "cannot send session headers" on my pages where added.  add no white space on the page and always referes to their helper.php files.


              just thought you should be aware of it before purchasing.

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                jgr0h Level 1

                Ha, I just purchased the WA PowerCMS because just about all of my clients want some way to manage the sites I build for them. I used to do it with MX Kollection/ADDT but wanetd an up to date solution that I could control a bit myself. Sure enough, problems right out of the gate. Took days for them to respond and they only have a 15 day money back window. Oh and this wasnt exactly cheap either, I think I bought the entire MX Kollection for what I paid for this CMS extension. All in all, the WA extensions are not very good, especially for the money you pay for them.