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    Adding links to objects in a scroll panel


      So in my project I'v made some buttons that link to external web pages. When I add those buttons to a scroll panel the links get over written. All the other functions like "mouse over" are still there, but the on click or mouse down actions get removed. There is a warning that "The selected objects have effects or interactions attached to it. If you continue, they may be deleted." Is there any way around this? I appreciate anyone who takes the time to look into my query.


      I know its not flash, but an example of what I'm wanting to do is similar to what apple has going on at the top of this page  http://www.apple.com/mac/

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          Going to bump this... still looking for an answer   Thanks for your time!

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            Sorry for the delay, I actually replied to this one and forgot to click post.

            So yes, you're right.  When you convert items to a component, you do see that warning in Catalyst about losing interactions associated with the items being converted.

            The best way to get around it, is to plan ahead as much as possible.

            I know this is hard to do, but I like to take a look at my components before I add interactions to them and decide if they're at the right level, or if they should be a part of a subcomponent (in your case, the scroll panel).


            For your case, you should follow these steps:

            1) Select all graphics/buttons/components you know you'd like to add interaction.

            2) Convert the selection to a ScrollPanel

            3) Double click the scroll panel to edit in place

            4) Now that you're inside the scroll panel, add your 'go to url' interactions.


            Is this what you're looking for? And if not, could you be more specific?

            If losing interactions on 'convert to component' is really important to you, please post it on our ideas site:



            Thanks for posting,