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    MTS file preview not showing in Elements 8


      I am trying to use Premiere 8 to edit my AVCHD files from a Panasonic camcorder.  The files are MTS format and in Windows 7 explorer the file icons show a preview of the first frame as you would normally expect.


      However in Premiere 8 organiser the preview does not show and all the files show a generic "filmstrip" icon so there is no way of identifying which clip is which.


      If I drag one of these files into Premiere 8 editor,  the first frames show up normally in Sceneline and it appears to be possible to edit the files OK.


      Is this normal behaviour for Premiere 8?  I have to say I am not too impressed with Premiere (which I have only had for a few days) as it keeps hanging my laptop  (core i7 4GB ram Windows 7 64 bit)


      Any sugggestions anyone?