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    problem using flash prof.




      I got Adobe Flash Professional CS5, but i can't use it. When i start it, there are only te borders of the different parts. There is no content in e.g. the properties part. Either it's a gray field or i see my windows background. Same is with the Timeline.

      What can the problem be?


      I already checked the System requirements:

      - I have a Pentium 4(3.00 GHz)

      - 1GB of RAM -> I have 4 GB(3 unused befor start)

      - I have 1280x1024. and a ATI Radeon X300 SE 128MB graphiccard(not the best, i know^^, but should be enough?)

      - the newest Quicktime



      Seems to be all ok, but it doesn't work...

      Has anyone an idea?

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          nrajbhan Level 3



          What OS are you using?  Are you using a custom desktop theme?




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            DerBaer Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.


            I use Windows XP Home(Service Pack 3) with a slightly adapted Royale Noir theme(can i change it without losing my whole settings?)

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              nrajbhan Level 3

              I'm not sure.  You can save and re-apply themes, right?  If so, can you revert to the default theme, restart your computer and see if it works?  You should be able to switch back to your theme.


              Do you have other CS 5 applications?  If so, do they work with the Royale Noir theme?




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                DerBaer Level 1



                thanks a lot. Changing the theme works. But it's still strange:


                I changed to "Windows Classic"    =>   still not works

                I restarted                                   =>    It works

                I changed back to my previous theme  => Still works


                There seems to be a boot bug anywhere.

                So if I want to use it, i'll restart once and re-applay my theme(maybe even a re-login works...)

                Not the best, but a possible solution.


                Thanks for your help.



                (other CS5 applications didn't work either)


                Edit: Now it even works without the restart... I don't understand windows

                (I haven't changed anything except this one time classic theme)