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    Newbie with basic layer questions


      Hello everyone!  Been reading/searching for solution to my problem but cannot find it -- so now I am asking the group.  I am not a trained graphic artist, more a fledgling craftsperson/elementary school teacher-type wanting to have some fun with images so bought the Adobe Educator's package with new Mac Book Pro last year.  CS3    I have used PrintShopDeluxe () extensively, and iPhoto, Photoshop some, etc..


      I am not able to understand how layers work.  I create/set-up a certain size (pixels) print doc.  I open photos (whose large size I have manipulated/shrunk  through Preview) and get them into the doc just fine.  But!!  each photo has a different layer and the first photo disappears when I add the second photo. THEN, the layer panel switches to the newest photo and I cannot see anything about the other photo!!  I thought the info would build in the layers panel but no. I have to go back into FIle Open Recent to see the other photo I have put in. I have exhausted all the possiblities I can muster up from drop-down menus. Why isn't the layers panel building information with each thing I add?  Perhaps I am not adding things the right way??


      I realize I'm over my head with this program, but the tutorials are wonderful and so is this forum.  I'm determined!!


      So thank you for breathing a big sigh and jotting down some basic help for me.


        PDX Marg