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    Fireworks CS5 shows loading screen then silently quits


      I'm trialing Fireworks CS5 while I wait for my purchased copy to be delivered and I've only been able to run it once.  When I launch the application (from Start Menu or from exe) the splash screen appears and then almost immediately disappears.  No errors are reported.


      I have tried:


      1. Uninstalling, running CS5 cleaning scripts, reboot, re-download trial, re-installing (three times).
      2. Using Process Monitor to locate the issue - no clues.
      3. Running as admin
      4. Disabling anti-virus.
      5. Deleting the preferences files under my user account folder


      I'm using a new laptop but running XP due to corporate policy.  There are no other instances of Fireworks.exe running.


      The one time it worked was after one of the re-installs.  At the end of the day I quite Fireworks, locked my PC and went home.  Next morning, I unlocked my PC and it had stopped working.


      Please help!!