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    Burned DVD is jumpy and blurry

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      I made a basketball highlight tape with still pictures and footage from basketball games.  The pictures, music and transitions came out great, but the video clips from the games are jumpy and shakey (so much that it gives you a headache to watch).  We recorded our basketball games on a regular video camera (not an HD camera) - the type of camera that records onto a hard drive.  We then downloaded the video clips onto the computer, etc.  Can someone help me out??  We have a banquet soon and I wanted to show this video at the banquet.



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          Well, if you used a HDD (Hard Disk Drive) camera, the material was likely recorded with heavy compression, like MPEG-2. When that footage is edited, and then Transcoded to a DVD, it will be compressed again, resulting in poorer quality.


          A couple of things to think about would be:


          Make sure that you choose a Project Preset for an HDD camera.


          Check the Field Order (the scan that gets shown first on a TV) between your source footage and your your Export - NTSC DVD is UFF (Upper Field First). What is the Field Order of your camera's footage. The great, free utility, G-SPOT, will tell you, if you do not know.


          Use the highest quality setting for your DVD. MPEG-2 shows issues with rapid motion, either subject or camera, and when one applies 2 compressions to the footage, it REALLY shows.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            We've also discussed further solutions in your other thread.



            Please don't post more than one thread with the same question. It's very confusing!