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    CFHTTP and Timeouts

      I'm hoping someone can help out on this, as I'm finding conflicting information on the forums (of course that could be misinterpretation on my part). If you use CFHTTP to call another page and have timeout set to "Yes" (say with a time limit of 5 seconds) will the page that was called (in our case the page is supposed to insert data into a DB) continue to process after the timeout passes or will it be stopped?


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          Mr Black Level 1
          It depends on system/application being called. If you are talking about Cold Fusion page, than "Yes" it will continue to run, since CF doesn't bother to check whether the client still listening or not. However, some (smarter) Web-application may stop processing in this case.
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            Gomba316 Level 1
            Thanks for replying so quickly. We are calling a CF Page, and we were all under the impression that the CFHTTP call would be killed (actually it's better for us that it won't be killed).

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